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12-20-2012, 1:26 PM
So I just got a bike from my neighbor not too long ago. It has a 68 Triumph engine and the frame is from mostly a Harley. This is my first bike so I am learning as I go. I finally got it running, but I lived in an area that got hit by Hurricane Sandy, so unfortunately my bike went for a swim in my garage. I plan on taking the engine apart and cleaning to the best of my ability, but like I said I don't know much about the mechanics. If anyone has any tips of information about what the best plan of attack would be I would appreciate it.

So far I took off the gear cover and the clutch cover to let the oil/water drain out.

12-20-2012, 2:43 PM
Im sure others will chime in, Old timer told me a story where he let his friend ride his bike and he put it in a lake, it was fully submerged for a couple minutes. He flushed it with gas or kerosene then with oil and ran it. Dont know if its a myth, but i never ran into a situation to try this.

12-20-2012, 2:58 PM
I would think that with sandy being salt water its going to be a bloodbath in there.

I would say you need to pull it completely apart get yourself a good manual and check all tolerances, hone the cylinder walls, check that all the transmission gears move freely, make sure that the clutch isnt completely stuck together (wd-40 bath should fix this but check the plates to make sure they are still in good shape) check your bearings on the crank and cam. They should spin freely. make sure that your piston rings move freely and arent too gummed up with rust, check valve play there should be a spec in the manual. Check the valve stem diameter, clean everything replace any parts that arent up to snuff then put back together and build a floating storage facility for that thing.

I am sure that I missed some stuff here but I don't know that you will get away with not rebuilding that thing with the time that has elapsed since the storm.

12-20-2012, 3:59 PM
I would suggest you get the Wes White and Hughie Hancock triumph 650 engine rebuild dvd's for starters along with correct year parts manual . You are looking a a few hundred $$ to get the proper Triumph tools to break the engine down as well. You may want to re post this in the British section of the forum.A bunch of very helpful and knowledgeable guys over there that will help answer questions. Good luck on cutting your teeth on the re build.

12-21-2012, 8:36 AM
A friend of mind told me to get this manual called the Clymber. It has a lot of useful information in it, so hopefully it will help.