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12-14-2012, 12:49 PM
Put together a video of the last few nights. check it!


Dirty Bitch and the Necro Queen are our previous builds and rally em daily- rain, shine or po-po shit sandwich. We had planned to build Addaline together a few months ago then recently heard about this gig w/ Old Bike Barn. This builds happening either way. We pretty much got all parts covered already, so not looking for handouts. Would be killer for us to be apart of, and this stuffs just plain ass fukkin what its all about! We both have done ground ups in the past but this will be our first joint effort. Energys huge right now and its kinda hard to wait till xmas to possible start. Eager to share ancient chinese secrets we have found and pick up on others Greasy"s skills. Got some good plans for this one. Keeping it traditional early 70's with performance in mind and a few james bond kind of additions. Gonna be alotta one off fabbing as well as hand forging/ blacksmithin some key pieces. Motors coming outta a Evo Sportster, and chassis gonna be on a Kraft Tec hardtail and some biltwell shit we bought from Lowbrow. Would be providing video updates of progress, documenting the build in depth. Old sporty roller will be up for sale soon as motor gets yanked too. We would like to place this entry in the Chopper /or Bobber division.


Good speed & God like,