View Full Version : Anyone Western MN / Eastern ND

10-25-2012, 11:22 AM
I Live in Hawley, MN which is east of Fargo, ND 20 miles.

Looking for some people to ride, wrench, and of course drink beers with, who knows some shit and could maybe help a guy out, vice versa. I do what I can with my own maintenance.

Do some riding next spring and summer. I made it out to the epic FULL TILT 2 in St. Paul and plan on going again in 2013. Would be rad if I could ride out with someone . Only like 300 miles or so from my place to the cities. My place is always open for beers and shit.

Plus, I'm always down for volunteering in a shop just to learn some stuff.

SO, anyone around the area!? Holler!