View Full Version : Somerset County, NJ - Garage Offering

10-01-2012, 8:36 PM
This is mostly for the guys who live in apartments, but open to anyone who needs/wants to make the trip.

If you need a place to work on your bike I am offering my garage to use. Not for storage, but for repairs. I used to live in apartments/houses without garages and know how it feels to be low on funds and need to work on your ride, but have neighbors who cry over spilled grease.

The only equipment I really don't have is welding equipment.

I live right on US22 about 20 min west of Newark. Just shoot me a PM if you need some help.

10-03-2012, 8:04 PM
What a nice gesture!

If i lived closer i would take you up on the offer, its always better working with others. Taking my bike into kitchen for some work sure does become a pain in the ass.