View Full Version : Expensive tools you thought only had one use, but found it works for other things.

08-07-2009, 7:18 PM
So I just have to say I don't have a connection with Fab Kevin in ant way other than having met him one time at the SOW2 and buying this bitchin tool from him. Now that's been said here is the tec tip.

Multi-use tools from my blog.
It was a long shot. I didn't even think it would be the correct size. Imagine the look on my face when it slipped right on there. Just figured I would mention it since these tools don't come cheap and its nice to know something in your box is good for more than one task.
Another multi-use tool is the little stepped rubber ramp used for locking primary chains. I just stuffed it part way in between the inner and outer kush and clutch basket. I held it in place with the butt of a hammer and let the impact go to town. Took a whole .25 seconds. Nice!

Fab Keven's Shovelhead Trans Main Shaft Nut Removal Socket.

See! It works for Triumph as well!
I should also point out that the face of this welded together tool has been turned down on a lathe for a tight fit on those slender nuts!