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08-30-2012, 1:04 AM
A buddy and I are planning a ride from OC to Sf/ bay area, around 15th of Sept. Any places to suggest? Specific places to ride, etc.? Places to stay? Camp areas? Thanks

08-31-2012, 10:41 PM
its not too far form OC/LA land, but reyes creek bar and grill is awesome. its east of ojai, ca and theres a campground, a little river, and a good honky tonk type bar.

if you go north on 101 the turn for ojai (33?) is at the end pf ventura. go on that highway (usually a lot of cops) and head toward the sespe wilderness area (search this out online cuz i don't remember all the roads). its not hard to find. i've lived in socal my whole life and never knew this place existed. the deer lodge is a biker bar that's at the gateway to the wilderness zone. its some of the most beautiful and challenging riding anywhere. seriously my mind was blown!

after the wilderness zone when you drop elevation theres a fork in the road after a few miles. go right and follow the signs.

when you're done being at the best place ever, you can continue north to the 166. this is more scenic riding with few cars. at 166, you can go right to 5 (boring, don't do that) or west towards 101 again. if you have small tanks, you may have to go east on 166 to get gas. theres only 1 station between the wilderness road and 101 and it didn't have any gas last time.

after i did this ride a few months ago, i won't go north any other way even though its out of the way. I'd leave OC early and plan to camp and enjoy the bar for the night. its pretty badass.

sorry for writing a book but seriously, that route is totally awesome.

good luck

09-02-2012, 4:39 PM
Hey man, thanks for the info. Looks like I'll be leaving a bit earlier to take your advice. Figured the 5 would be boring.