View Full Version : Anyone in France, Germany, BeNeLux or Switzerland? Maybe Italy as well...

07-14-2012, 5:08 PM
Hi! We're four guys from Sweden and Norway heading towards the continent tomorrow. Going to ride our bikes for 2-3 weeks and camp out. Heading for nice weather, other than that we have no plans.

Where should we go?
- Any cool people or meets?
- Where can we find the best nature, roads, parties, beer, wine and babes?


07-20-2012, 5:47 AM
I'm in France, that's a good place to find wine (among other things!)
Your question is a little wide...
I'd recommend to go take a swim on the ocean side, get some oysters and few bottles of wine....
Just by doin' this, you'll get most of what you're looking for on the way ("nature, roads, parties, beer, wine and babes"...)