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06-19-2012, 9:35 PM
I am finally going to finish this 65 Triumph 650 Tiger Boardtrack Custom that has been sitting on the back burner, but I am needing some suggestions on who to do what.

I need to find someone who can cover the seat pan, in a no frills retro-classic style. I dont want the leather tooling, but would rather be able to do something that looks like it could have come of the the 30's-40's.

I would also like to find someone who can supply me with durable leather strips, that I can use as a wrapping for grips, because I dont want any conventional slide on rubber grips. I am also debating on using the same leather as a wrapping for my foot pegs and center stand foot pegs, if it looked right doing so..

I am also looking for an original 30's thru 40's retro brass style speedo, and maybe a few other miscellaneous retro pieces that I am can use, if the styling is right..

As you can see by the pics below, this bike will be very minimal looking.. I am running internal throttle, with inverted levers, because I dont want anything clamped to the handlebars. All the wiring is run through the frame, and a gel battery is hidden in the box below the oil tank.. I ran a later oil in frame tank, because all the electrical will be hidden under the tank, so you will only see cotton coil wires drop directly to the spark plugs.. No Ignition switch, or any other controls will be there or exposed, because I want this bike to look like it may not run..

Here is the theme of the bike... It will be painted in a two-tone of Champaign and an Antique Silver, with a thin brush copper pin stripe breaking up the two-tone.. The wheels will be done in the same two-tone, that will be divided up in with the center spoke rise one color, and the rest of the rim the other.. The wheel hubs will be painted bike color also, and accented as necessary.

The handle bars will be painted bike color also, along most of the other bike parts.. I am trying to sort out if the motor case should be bike color, or the two-tone color, but leave the bare cylinder and head the black and bare aluminum configuration it is now? Is conventional automotive paint durable enough for the actual cylinder jug? If so, I would probably feel better in paint the engine case and cylinder jug, but leave the upper head and rocker covers bar aluminum..

There will be NO CHROME on this bike.. The Oil Tank, Engine Covers, Exhaust, Velocity stacks, Girder trim/bolts,spring, front brake/wheel hardware,headlight ring, ect, ect.. will all be copper plated. The Oil tank and other items will be painted after the copper plating, so only accents of those parts will actually show the copper plating.

Here is what I started with..


Here is where I was, before I recently disassembled again, for all the final frame and part welding before paint.













06-19-2012, 10:04 PM
Corinna (AKA Miss1932 on Chop Cult) did the leather on my pre unit Triumph. She's amazing, affordable and I highly recommend her. She can probably sort out your grips and pegs.

Check out her site here (http://viameccanica.com/)

06-20-2012, 3:44 AM
I'm very happy with the leatherwork I received from HardLuck Customs. You can see it on my build page. They are affordable and great stuff!

06-20-2012, 10:14 AM
do you have the old square handlebars from the before chop

06-20-2012, 11:13 AM
I would go with CCgirl . She does lots of vintage Bicycle restoration seats like Brooks and such . Plus her pricing is fair

06-20-2012, 12:17 PM
do you have the old square handlebars from the before chop

No... I already gave away all the stuff I took off the bike..