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05-07-2012, 6:17 PM
So i bought a 1970 hardtail t120r. it was a complete bike with alot of other triumph and harley parts and old chopper stuff. i completely stripped it down to get the frame sandblasted. the forks that were on the bike look to be mid 70s cause they are triumph disc set up.When i took the forks off one of the forks was completely seized up, after trying everything to get it seperated i decided to sell some of the chopper and harley stuff to get a new front end, i ended up tading some stuff for a dual disc harley narrow glide front end, everything but the wheel. trying to mock it up i realized i would have to butcher it to get it to fit right but the fork tubes were the same size as the triumph so i decided to use the triumph triple trees with the harley tubes, hopeing that i wouldnt have to buy a wheel and use the triumph wheel. well nothing is working out so i have decided to but my woes on cc and see if anyone has suggestions or advise on how to get the original fork tube unstuck. im kinda pissed cause i traded some cool stuff for the harley front end and its not working like i hoped.

05-08-2012, 6:47 PM
I found a narrow glide mag wheel so i did some grinding then put the harley tubes back in the harley triple tree and it works great but i was wanting to run a 16 rear and 21 front. but now that i have this mag front wheel im thinking it might look good to just run mags, but does anyone know if its possible to put the stock 1970 drum brakes on a harley mag rear wheel. i think i could do it if i drilled out holes to mount the sproket/hub to the wheel.