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12-18-2009, 3:14 PM
So we've been a bit busy down here at MAP coming up with some new stuff and some new twists on some old stuff. Well, pictures speak louder than words, so away we go!

This is our new design that closely mimics the original cast-iron design. For those of you who want a more OEM or sleeper appearance. Should I ever get anything of mine that is close to running, this is what I'm running.

Here is a comparison between the two shapes and colors we offer.

Again, same as above.

This is our original shape and design. It was designed to follow the head design for a seamless look. If I were doing a cafe bike, this would be my choice (maybe someday...time is my enemy).

Anyway, here's the technical stuff I wrote (this is a press release, excuse the formal nature):

M.A.P. Cycle Billet Cylinder Kit

M.A.P. Cycle is proud to announce our new line of billet cylinder kits for classic Triumph T120 – T140s. All of our kits are manufactured in-house and offer superior cooling to augment their unique, functional styling. For 2010, we are expanding our line of billet cylinders to include a new shape which closely mimics the factory cast iron cylinder for those who would like a bit more stock appearance on their classic Triumphs. Both are available in a heat-dispersing hard anodized black finish or a highly polished finish.

Key features and specifications:

1. Fully CNC machined extrusions: Expensive 6061-T6 alloy billet extrusion, similar to a forging, compressed and formed under tremendous pressure for correct grain alignment and a considerable increase in strength over normal billet material, especially over any type of casting.

2. Fitted with spun-cast iron sleeves: These special sleeves are the ultimate in durability and longevity that allow overbores of up to +.050" on 750cc T120 & T140 cylinders. Sleeves are easily replaced if damaged or worn out offering a lifetime of usage unlike plated bores which when worn or scratched are expensive to re-plate. Can be Nikasil lined at customer’s request.

3. Pinch groove sealing flange: The raised sleeve flange firmly pinches the headgasket against the head to help prevent headgasket blowout. Wire-insert compatible for those with high-compression sealing requirements.

4. Engineered structural central core: Our use of this over-engineered, extruded core offers maximum cylinder base strength along with even cooling throughout.

5. Custom pistons included: Pre-fit M.A.P.custom high quality cast pistons feature a moderate 8.75:1 compression and include rings, pins and clips @ 356 grams. Available at extra cost: Light 2618 forged quench dome pistons 9.5:1 @ 318gr. or 10.5:1 @ 300gr. or non-quench 8.5:1 @ 316gr. with racing performance rings, pins and spiral locks.

6. Drop-on installation: No machining required for T120 750cc big-bore, T140 750cc or T140 800cc big-bore kit. Case and head modifications will be needed for T120 800cc big-bore kits.

7. Form threaded bolt threads: Along with using the best of materials, the deeply drilled holes are
then form threaded, not cut, to prevent bolt/stud pull-out common with aluminum castings and older cast-iron cylinders.

8. Significant weight savings over cast iron. T120 is nearly 10 lbs lighter than comparable cast iron big-bore cylinder kits.

9. Increased fin surface area for superior heat transfer. The fin design closely follows the cylinder head shape for vastly improved cooling (4-times the heat transfer of cast-iron) all with great looks.

10. Several different designs and finishes available. Choose from our original design which follows the head design or a more standard design which mimics the original cast-iron cylinder shape. Both are available in highly polished finishes or a heat-dispersing hard anodized black finish.

11. All kits include gaskets, 7075 billet tapped guide blocks (pre-installed) and ARP 12 point stainless steel mounting hardware.

The M.A.P. Cycle billet cylinder pricing starts at $1,295.95.

For more information, please go to www.mapcycle.com.


M.A.P. Cycle Enterprises
Serving the classic British motorcycle enthusiast since 1972.

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Great looking jugs, You can see the quality in the pics.

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Thanks, y'all.

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Sweet baby Jesus, now THAT is my idea of internet porn.

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LoL, that made my day.

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Framus, aren't you a little old to be using "lol"? But seriously, loving that stuff. You guys wanna sponsor a Bonneville Race Team next year? I know a deserving crew?

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Nah, one never gets too old for that. :)

I'll pass the info along to Marino.