View Full Version : looking for pics of bike please help

04-25-2012, 9:57 AM
I remember seeing this bike about a month ago. Thought it was in a mag so I checked my stash of dice, gk, and show class mags but still no luck. Then I figured it had to be from the blog dump. So I went through the previous 100 blog pages and still no luck. Anyways its really starting to piss me off that I cant find it.

So here's what I remember about it. The bike is a rigid. Its either a purple or maroonish metalflake paint job. Tins match frame. The thing that sets this bike apart from others is that the builder installed a subframe that the seat sits on. Its something new and fresh like I've never seen. There is no tail section just a very clean exposed subframe that the seat mounts to. It kinda reminds me of one of those bicycles from the 70s with the banana seats. That's all that I can remember about it. If you can help me find it that would be great.