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12-14-2009, 5:49 PM
i just moved back to san diego this week and i have no car or bike or any form of transportation...and its getting old really quick. just talked to a friend in costa mesa who has a basketcase he picked up from a friend but he doesnt know much about it. he says its a 72 triumph motor (he thinks its a 650 but isnt positive) with a 70's hardtail frame of some sort (im assuming its weld on?) with a misc tank, a sporty tank, two wheels, one tire, exhaust, motor, rear fender, and some other misc stuff...itd need wiring, headlight, taillight, seat, bars and controls etc etc...

i have garage space at my new house in SD with a limited tool selection and little experience wrenching (most ive ever done is change a tire or two, change some cables, oil, and little things like that...) is there anything i should check for or any problem years/models of triumphs i should steer clear from? i dont want a clusterfuck of a mess on my hands that doesnt ever run....

oh and he said he wants a grand for it all and i can pay him when i get the money...not a bad deal i think.

12-14-2009, 6:05 PM
brother... look for an old(er) jap bike or sporty, thats RUNNING. Based on the extent of your mechanical experience you are going to get yourself into that clusterfuck you pointed out. Trumps need CONSTANT attention. With that said, you can do it, over time and tapping this and other sites for advice and local indy shops, but it'll take a while. If you are in need of transportation now..reference my above statement. For a g-note you can find a good running and most importantly, a fun bike to beat on.

my worthless 2cts.... ride safe (when you eventually get something to ride)

12-14-2009, 6:15 PM
Ditto, get you sef a cheap Jap bike that runs first. And then a project. That sounds like one of those lifetime projects and even THEN you'll need a bike for transportation. Hell get a Jap bike and then another one for a project. THEN you'll be squared away....

Oh, yeah, just my opinion -- but I bin dere too...

~Rev Mike

12-14-2009, 7:01 PM
+3 with the other guys.
my first bike was a cb500four...and i did everything i could think of to the bike.
it was a rad learning experience getting my feet wet with a jap bike...they are so much easier/cheaper to work on than a brit
i had to have this same conversation with one of my brothers when he wanted to get a 73 triumph from some old farmer who had probably been riding it to work cattle for his first ever project bike.
brit bikes can suck the life and money out of you....but i agree they are mysterious like a unicorn or something.
you'll have to get special tools just to do things that would normally be simple on a jap bike.
(i found this one out the hard way)
cut your teeth on a jap...you'll thank us later.

know the advice may be harsh..so sorry!
good luck.