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03-30-2012, 9:40 PM
hey guys, went down to my usual registration lady to get me harley all registered even though it ain't done(about halfway through build) i just like to have it all taken care of before hand you know? anyhow. i bought the bike from neanderthal cycle salvage in bloomington who had just gotten the bike and done a lien sale on it. the lady at my registration service said unfortunaelty it was still in the system and i would have to pay the penalty fees which ended up totallng a nice $724!! ok no biggy, it's just part of the buildiing cost. well, today i got a nice letter from DMV saying that i was being refered to chp for a verification, i assume they mean the vin. furthermore i will need to provide a brake and light certificate in order to get my title issued. neither of these things really seem like too much to handle but i have never had to do a light inspection ect. anyone have any idea what is involved and who the hell does brake and light inspections here in socal? i wish the girls at the registration service would have let me know about this i would have waited a tad longer to get the bike done. i figured since the bike was still in the system i wouldn't be required to have any inspections...................

03-30-2012, 10:32 PM
7 years registration out is usually out of DMV system, so it means no back registration fees, but you have to go to CHP for VIN verification. Usually they don't care about safety equipment, just check the VIN and you go on your way. Sounds like you are getting hit twice. Is the damage done? Are you now flagged with all these requirements, or can you wait for a bit longer and finish up some things? I'm not too familiar with liens.

There might be a MC shop that does light inspections, and sometimes they can be a little easier on you than the 4 wheel Brake and Light inspection places. Usually tune-up or smog places do inspections, but some mc shops have a license to sign you off.

03-30-2012, 10:48 PM
well, i'll have to wait till monday to call the registration service i went with to ask whats up?. i am hoping she can verify ithe vin (she's licensed) cause this frame is anyhting but stock man! as far as the lights i can find bolt on lights and all no biggy. the main thing is i feel someone should've told me something about inspections and i ain't ever had to do one you know? anybody know where there is a licensed brake light inspection center in socal?

03-31-2012, 6:19 AM
I will never buy anything from Neanderthal after my last experience. Anyways, the inspection in question requires you to have your bike inspected by the CHP to make sure you have all functioning lights and signals as well as horn. This means running lights front and rear, high beam front, brake rear, functioning signals front and rear, plate light and horn.

03-31-2012, 9:07 PM
Don't freak out...Classic Cycles is a BAR licensed shop and we do DMV approved CHP VIN verifications (by actual CHP) and Brake and light inspections at our shop in the city of Orange.
I can really help you get through this painlessly. We have done this for many other guys building SPCN's, out of state EBay bikes, "off record" and salvage title bikes, after we do the inspections all you will need to do is take the paperwork (not the bike) to DMV and pay the license fees and they will hand you a plate and registration.
if you want to bring the bike in and have it done (for a fee) call me.
Tony at Classic Cycles, call for details... 714 974-1438

04-04-2012, 6:51 AM
I'm not freeking out, the bike I currently have is titled and could easily pass inspection. I was just answering Lou's question and giving my opinion on Neanderthal.

04-04-2012, 10:43 AM
Tony, Ill be calling you soon, im going thru this nightmare. I had the CHP verify the vin already, but now they are saying I need to have a brake and light inspection. I wish iknew this was gonna happen, i would have kept my front brake.

04-04-2012, 10:58 AM
I reg my new ground up build in nor cal. Chp just checks vin and engine numbers. Then I had to go get a light inspection. I have no turn signals. Luckly I found a guy that rides and he was just jazzed about get my bike on the road. He let me slide with just hand signals instead of turn signals. When I went to my reg lady she said I didn't need to pay for light and brake certificate. In nor cal you can get a "statement of facts" from the dmv. Take that to any licenses motorcycle shop and they can do it for free. At least in nor cal.

All vehicle registration
Kerrie stouffer- owner
916 739 8088 or kerrie@allvehreg.com
In nor cal she's the best! For 45.00 she deals with the dmv. She saves me almost 2,000 on my reg fee.

04-04-2012, 11:10 AM
Tony, Ill be calling you soon, im going thru this nightmare. I had the CHP verify the vin already, but now they are saying I need to have a brake and light inspection. I wish iknew this was gonna happen, i would have kept my front brake.

Feel for you guys.
Here in Utah most "legit' bike inspections are totally fucking gestapo.
Must have at least one mirror , front and rear signals (if bike came factory equiped).
Chainguards , front fenders ,horn , speedo,high-lowbeam headlight, front and rear brakes..and on and on...
I keep a box that has all my inspection goodies in it, just for anual inspection time.
Wish I had a hook-up on the inside so I wouldn't have to waste the time putting this shit on , only to take it back off an hour later after the inspection.