View Full Version : Chromed exhaust mods

03-12-2012, 4:43 PM
I want to combine old drag pipes with my upsweeps to an angle that matches the fork angle.Also to make the pipes taller. Anyone got any pics of mig welded (modified) chromed exhaust without the cloth cover that I've seen too much of. I know the seams won't come close to matching the chrome.Maybe some well placed clamps to cover seams,silver paint,hell I dunno. I'd like some examples before I fuck up 2 sets of pipes.Thanks

03-12-2012, 4:58 PM
Just say fuck it, take some 80 grit to that chrome until that chrome is all gone, then hit it up with a wire wheel/brush till it looks nice and smooth, then buff it out with a buffing wheel.

I was in the middle of repainting my tins and I swear if I didn't have the little ripples around where I tapped out a dent in the side of my tank I'd have done exactly that. Once I got everything down to bare metal and was using a wire brush on my die grinder to pull up the last of the factory primer the metal looked smooth and awesome, I'd bet you could do the same to a set of pipes. May not last as well as chrome but if you really want them chromed do that then once you get everything super smooth take them and get them dipped.