View Full Version : anyone got photos of a swing arm/extended cb550/750??

12-02-2009, 7:25 PM
ide like to see a well done 4cyl CB sort of like a brat style, slimmed down seat maybe even lowered seat rails.....i dont think ive seen one done classy like that yet. sorta got me thinking about it after i saw that hardtail cb posted in the japbratastic thread...i love those pipes...it'd be rad to see something similar to that but with a swing arm.

post em up if you got em!!

p.s. im curious because im moving back to san diego from portland next week and ive gone without a car or bike for the past 7 months...sold everything off after i left SD. now that im going back im going to try to go without a car/truck for as long as i can and ride a bike 24/7/365...since the weather is so nice down there. i never realize what i was missing til i came to portland where you cant ride every day! i want to pick up a xs650 but im having second thoughts because A) they are harder to find than cb's and B) they seem sort of small. from what i remember years ago when i rode one i felt a little cramped on it. im around 6 foot 1 so i felt like a bear on a big wheel. maybe some forward controls + extending the swing arm a bit can help? anyone who has spent time on both should give me some insight...i feel like cb's are a bit bigger/has always rocked some foward controls so it felt longer....im rambling.