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12-31-2011, 9:19 PM
scored this CL360 from a coworker about a year ago. aside from some minor issues it's a real good runner. I think he owned it since it was brand new and he took good care of it.

Technically my OL paid for the bike and it's hers but she took it for a ride around the yard on the first day and dumped it and hadnt touched it since. She said it was too tall for her and she needed it lowered. I figure she was never going to ride it again and I come up with a plan to turn it into a sweet little cafe bike and proceed to tear it down but then she caught onto me..LOL..she wasnt keen on the cafe plan so we agreed on a swingarm bratstyle build.

flipped the clubmans around and thinking about just using those. tested out my sporty tank and i like the look but the damn ugly frame is killin me and I dont want to go as far as making and entirely new frame.

(ignore my mess of a garage)

Since I need this to sit as low as possible while still maintaining the swingarm what are some good options as far as short shocks go? maybe something from a rebel or virago?

looking to maybe go for something like this style

01-01-2012, 2:28 PM
Are the stock shock eye/clevis? If so are you going to be up to modifying it to work with eye to eye shocks, seems like there are more options. By the time you are doing that you could also consider moving the upper mount so the shock are mounted at more of an angle and that will also drop the height. Might search the sight for some of the BratStyle inspired builds, seems like there were even some CB/CL posted.
This is a CB350F thread. (http://www.chopcult.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9420) Its a four cylinder but it turned into a killer bike.

The shocks off a Honda Rebel (CMX250) are the easy go to for short eye to eye shocks. They measure about 10" between the mount centers. The Suzuki Savage/S40 (LS650) shocks are basically the same length (also eye to eye mount).