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11-10-2009, 9:34 AM
got this nice lookin 81' yamaha 650 "special II" ha ha. i'm goin to get it this weekend... picked the bitch up for 300 and it turns over.... need a project for the brutal buffalo winter..... and to get me out of the house...cuz you can only watch so many movies with the girlfriend!!!!!! ha ha. so im movin the jameson bottle into the garage this weekend. i will have the pics up of the hunk of shit by next week. and to start off the build i have a garage filled with old sporty parts.
i have a backround in motocross racing..... but got hurt in an ama sanctioned race a couple years ago.... all the family friends and the kingsmen mc and outlaw mc friends give me an old harley background and i have always been enfatuated with the 1937 indian sport scout...................... and of course all that is old school!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so hopefully my influences come thru and help me make this bike cool and fuckin fast ..................and lest we forget... LOUD!! (for the record, not affiliated with an MC by personal choice.... so if there is any "sons of anarchy" watchers and wannabes on this awesome site........... FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! and leave me alone!!!!!!!! ha ha). always been 2 wheels or die, but never put a bike together me-self................ when i was 12 i lived in the country.... the parents went to a bar or some shit, i dont know... so i commendeered a couple of my redheaded fathers killians irish reds grabbed a pack of moms marlboros and tried to learn metallica's "motorbreath" on the guitar.... got bored. ha ha so i went outside got the old honda 125 out and took it to the road to see how fast the fucker would go!!!!! wasnt pleased. got a call from the parents sayin "see ya in the mornin". so i got into the jack daniels and went outside and got dads old hodaka super rat runnin with some ether... and tested that bitch out..... still wasnt impressed. i wanted to go faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i was hammered and hot lappin it through the fields on the hodaka when it stalled out in the backyard of the "new guy in the neihborhood".......... he walked up and i thought i was fucked. he got it runnin fuckin ricky tick and offered a hit of the shit that created easyrider. he knew i was drunk and a fuckin pre teen but he was just stoned enough to offer me a ride on a "real bike". he had a WL flathead harley that he drag raced every week for fun. he got me on it and it took me a half hour or so to figure out the jockey shift.... then i was golden!!!! i have been more than hooked ever since..... that fucker screamed for an old harley!!!!
i started racin competitivly a year later, and got hurt when i was 16. i moved out on my own when i was 17 and i have been struggling to pay the fuckin bills ever since. i'm almost 21 now and i'm in good enough shape to start this build and do it right!!!! i may never be able to hit the dirt track with a 3 digit number again.... but hopefully i can hit the streets and the drag track with one hell of a jap chop!!!! with your guys help hopefully?!?!?!
so this will be my unofficial "motorbreath" build... gonna try to put that days memory into this bike..... gonna start with a 750 upgrade of course. ha ha. sorry if you guys got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much background, but i have been drinking whiskey since i got out of work at 6:30 this morning. i will keep you all posted with the build. and i will be looking for as much help as i can get!!!! if ya got this far, thanks for reading... and sorry.... and if you feel so inclined..... give me some storys that got you hooked on riding, chopping, and everything that is on 2 glorious wheels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!1


11-10-2009, 10:31 AM
i would suggest not building anything while you are drunk, only bad things can happen later on;)

good luck dude!

11-10-2009, 10:45 AM
amen to that!!! you should have seen last years christmas tree!!!!