View Full Version : Billetwerx "Order Away"

10-02-2009, 2:01 PM
They have absolutely zero communication but the for convertion cups showed up today! They are 100% better then I thought they would be, just dont expect to get them to respond to any calls or email. Figured you guys might want to know if you want to trade in for a 1" stem conversion.


10-02-2009, 9:59 PM
actually I do......post pics of your scoot as you are changing them out....I've never worked with the neck cups b4, would like to see how to do it without screwing anythig up

10-22-2009, 11:33 PM
My bad I installed the neck cups and my wife erased the memory stick. Just so you know the neck cups from billetwerx are simple to put in.
I froze them over night in the freezer just in case. I took out my old forks and used a rubber hammer to tap the cups off the neck. Before installing the new cups I installer the stem bearing races into the cups. Then the billetwerx cups simply pressed right in to the stem. I installed my new front en and bearings after that. Pretty straight foward and easy install.