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Event Name The Analog Run & Motorcycle Gathering
Event Description The idea is simple really, can you unplug for a weekend or even a day?

Instagram, Facebook, tweeterface, mygoopy, Social media is a fact of life. Some feel that it has become so overwehlming that people find it difficult, if not impossible to live outside of it. We find ourselves with our nose buried in our phone and not fully engaged in the people and things right in front of us. We live a digital life. Nothing can ever replace real human interaction.

In the motorcycle world this is no different. It use to be a novelty to see a photo of some dude on an old chopper loaded with camping gear riding down the road. Now, with social media, it is so common place that its almost overbearing. Some dude rides to the gas station and the world knows about it. We are now even seeing photos of people using phones while on bikes!

The Analog Run is all about getting back to living in those moments when the only identity you had, was the flesh and blood version and not the "online" version. I do realize that there may be some people out there that have never had that, maybe this is a chance to try to see what that can be like, if only for a few days.

No one is confiscating your iphone when you ride, there aren't any offical rules on it either, but we are asking that in the spirit of the concept that you NOT use you iphone or digital devices during the run. We realize that people have families and possible emergancies, but we are asking that if you need to use your hand held device that you step away from the event, preferable out of site and do what you need to do.

While your hand held device will not be taken from you of course, we strongly encourage you to NOT use it during the run. We are asking all participants to discourage the use of these devices on the run, please no instagram, blog or facebook posts during the run. There are no digital police, it's just a concept that we would hope people embrace and try to enjoy.

Please don't send me email about the irony of putting on a "analog" run by promoting it through social media, the idea is to unplug DURING the run.

We will have official photographers on the run and if you want to bring a film camera, that is fine.
Event Date/Time October 10, 2014 10:00 AM to October 12, 2014 11:44 AM
Host Cro Customs
Location Friday Oct. 10 Ride to Lake Lopez, Arroyo Grande Ca. Camp
Lopez Lake Recreation Area
6800 Lopez Drive
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Saturday Oct 11th. Motorcycle Gathering at
The Union Hotel in Los Alamos. Show/Party/Food etc.
Address: 362 Bell St, Los Alamos, CA 93440
Phone:(805) 344-2744

Sunday Oct 12th. Ride home.


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