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Event Name WUSS RIDE to the Slab CIty Riot
Event Description Check the BLOG

We will be leaving the (or as some have called it the "Sha'wing!" Inn Cafe) at 10:30 am On Nov.6th. That's US breaking the legendary Biker's 7, 8, 9 Rule (Up at Seven, Breakfast by Eight, Rubber to Road by Nine). After all we're putting the "US" back into "WUSS" Screw your conforminty Man!

That should give everybody enough time to make the drive/ride in the morning show up before that time if you would like to join us for breakfast? Do you really want to get to Slab City before the pack? What are you some kind of Hollywood trend setter?

Or you can spend the night before in town; We will be staying at the Roadway Inn that’s only a block away from the Swing Inn, Dinner & Drink & Drinking & Drunkeness is up to you the night before at Sweet Lumpy’s 41915 3rd St it’s the same street as the Swing Inn.

This is the route we will be taking Its 145 miles but we won’t be hauling ass this is the Wuss Ride just fall in with others who are going about the same speed the goal is to get there and have a good time. We'll be handing out official Wuss Gear Maps right before we push start and ride. They're sure to become collector items in the same vein as cat face tail light and chrome gromettes (honestly, I don't even know what a "gromette" is but it sounds like an ugly smurf? and that's kinda sexy isn't it?)

Try to be self-sufficient don’t expect us to carry your six man tent, Elmo easy-up and 60 gal cooler in the sweep vehicles. We will have at least two and will need all the room in case someone should break down and to haul all our own crap and give-aways. We'll have a gallon of gasoline in case someone utilizes their "fail" option. A back-pack should be little problem; toss it in. If you are going to have a sweep vehicle they can caravan with the others. If you are going to truck your bike down contact us we have a semi safe place you can park in Temecula. Wink wink ;-)

The return trip is up to you; with so many people we’re sure you can find someone to ride back with or go solo you made it this far YOU WUSS! Or, you can really make a real (if you are a "man" which you'll be able to prove in the Cogtagon if you so desire) life choice and remain a resident of the infamous Slab City. You can grow your "Destiny Beard" and learn the language of the lizard people, eat the love flush of the Lobster, and dictate when the sun rises and from which direction by staring it down! We'll be sure to visit you on the next Riot!
Event Date/Time November 6, 2010 9:30 PM to November 7, 2010 10:00 AM
Host Finkit / Allen
Location RIde out from Temecula to the Riot
Event Type EUROPE


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