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The magic bio gro formula to transform fat into muscle

Well, you figure it does not exist!  Anyone who tell you otherwise is at best ignorant and at worst a charlatan more interested in increasing his bank account by decreasing your waistline .

From a metabolic perspective, the phenomenon that will build muscle and the mechanism will "burn fat" are two distinct mechanisms. Very succinctly (human metabolism is extremely complex), you build muscle reading bio gro review or by performing physical exercises, which will "stress" and "break" some muscle fibers. your body will react to this state of stress by building new stronger cells. It will build these cells from items you supply your food, mainly amino acids in proteins and certain fatty acids. If you do not provide him these building blocks, you can easily increase your muscle mass.It's like trying to build a house without brick and concrete without. You can lift the iron for hours, if you do not watch your diet, you will not get results (and you may be injured).

Healthy eating first!

It "burns fat" from the body through a separate mechanism that transforms our fat reserves contained in the fat cells in energy (not in muscle).

This mechanism is controlled by hormones, mainly insulin, and glucagon and is not necessarily directly related to physical activity ( sport it makes you lose weight? )

So we have two distinct phenomena, one that transforms what we eat into muscle cells, one that transforms our fat reserves into energy, controlled by separate systems too . So we can:

1. Lose fat and gain muscle mass (the dream!)
2. Take the fat and gain muscle mass (some bodybuilder have this approach to weight gain, they then have a period of "dry")
3. Lose muscle mass and lose fat (which can happen by overtraining and / or calorie restriction)
4. Lose muscle mass and gain fat mass (nightmare!)

The only link between the two is the quality of food . By providing a diet rich in protein and essential fatty acids, you maximize your muscle building. By limiting carbohydrate intake, you Regulate your insulin .

This will result in reversing the fat storage mechanism.

So you can at the same time gain muscle mass and lose body fat, through exercise and a proper diet, but you can not transform a in the other.


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