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The easiest way to connect the Wi-Fi internet in your car - it is to use your smartphone as a wireless ad hoc access point. But you can also connect vayfay Connect mobile data network and the wireless network to any car, using a number of different types of Wi-Fi adapters, which will perform the role of a modem and buy wireless router .
All described below ways to connect Wi-Fi in the car differ in their high cost of buy wireless router , ease of use and connectivity, as well as its aesthetic appearance of the inside of car interior. Let's look at all possible ways to get the Wi-Fi network in the car!

Internet in the car via phone
Price : From free to 20+ thousand rubles, depending on whether you have a smartphone or how much you are willing to spend it.

The easiest and cheapest (if you have a phone) way to get the Wi-Fi internet in your car - turn the phone into an access point. Most smartphones today have the ability to "out of the box" to distribute the Internet on Wi-Fi - a capacity to have the latest firmware iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Switched access point settings, and it looks differently depending on the operating system. In general, look for settings such words as "access point", "Internet Sharing", etc.

The basic idea of ??this method to connect online car is running and the phone as a modem and the buy wireless router . Buy wireless router essentially allows other devices such as tablets, MP3-player or a multimedia system with support for Wi-Fi to connect to the network to distribute telephone.

The disadvantage of using the phone for Internet connection via Wi-Fi in the car is that any device that is connected to it, will inevitably eat up megabytes from your cell phone. And, since most people use rates, including a middle ground between cheap and inexpensive Internet phone calls, then, as a rule, the internet is severely limited in monthly traffic or speed . Furthermore, some operators without the customer's consent will be removed from the balance of the money to achieve traffic restrictions, no warning about this.

So if you use your phone as a hotspot in the car to watch a bunch of videos on Youtube on a long trip on the road, at one point you may find that a dedicated traffic for the month you have already dried up in one day. In any case, before connecting the Wi-Fi internet via phone, read again carefully the prisoner agreement with your mobile operator, especially the fine print.

USB-modems in the car with the function of Wi-Fi

Another simple way to get the Wi-Fi internet in the car - it is a dedicated modem feature Wi-Fi. These devices generally include the same type of connection to cellular data, as in the case with the phone, but less cumbersome than a phone and allow freedom of movement of the owner of the smartphone - when the owner leaves the car smartphone, the Internet will not go along with it.

Another advantage of this method before enabling the access point settings from the phone is that it is a separate SIM card with its own tariff, calculated mainly on the Internet, not phone calls, and therefore with more favorable tariff for Internet usage.

By the way, choosing USB-modem in the car, do not take modems, technically tied only to a specific network operator. Simply put, do not buy a USB-modems in mobile phone stores certain operators, and take universal modems. Firstly, the very possibility of the operator to change - in this case either a plus. Secondly, we do take the USB-modem in the car, which means that when planning a long journey, we will be able to buy a SIM card, which will provide the most trouble-free operation Wi-Fi internet in the car.

By the way, on the mobility of USB-modems - it is necessary to select a modem with the possibility of battery life from a car cigarette lighter. Classic modem that plugs into a laptop USB-socket, will not work. Although the primary modem configuration is still done through a computer interface. In any case, you need to check with the seller that you are going to plug the modem into the car, not the notebook.

Another advantage of USB-modem is that in addition to it, you can buy an antenna-signal amplifier, which in many cases is quite a good thing, especially when it comes to Internet use on the trip with different signal levels along the way.

Many (more expensive) USB-modems for cars also have built-in batteries, allowing them to work independently.

Wi-Fi internet in the car through the device OBD-II

Devices OBD-II, working through Wi-Fi, as a rule, designed to interact with the app on your smartphone, in addition to providing Wi-Fi network. These are the devices that are connected to the OBD-II port of your car - to the port that is used by technicians to perform diagnostic operations in the form of troubleshooting. Due to its functionality, this device distributes Wi-Fi, and most of these Wi-Fi devices can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also
just for surfing the Internet.

But the main advantage of such devices - is not the first thing you notice in his car hijackers. And some manufacturers of such devices, such as Delphi Connect, for example, not only allows access to the diagnostic information through an application for smartphones, but also provides data for tracking vehicles. This allows you to track the location of your car in real time, and see the data about where your car was in the past.

Stationary Wi-Fi modems and routers

The most expensive, most reliable and least portable way to connect Wi-Fi internet in your car - setting the stationary wireless modem and buy wireless router . These car wireless routers are usually much more expensive than a portable USB-modems, and they require little installation work. However, some auto buy wireless router have some degree of mobility - much like radar detectors and recorders - You can rearrange the buy wireless router and the modem in the other car. Others are so mobile devices, such as your car is - they only move in one car and set it permanently.

The main advantage of this type of device is that the cellular radio in them will often be more powerful than what you would normally be able to experience on smartphones and USB-modem with the function of Wi-Fi, and self Wi-Fi signal can also be stronger.

Another advantage of stationary buy wireless router is that they often include a USB-port for connecting locally. This provides the ability to connect, for example, laptop or phone, which simply is not in Wi-Fi.
Heed to the current costs for the Internet in the car

Yes, the bandwidth capacity of the network are important factors when buying a specific device to connect Wi-Fi internet in the car, but Treat with the utmost seriousness to the tariff and the cellular operator. Today, among the top three operators - this MTS, Beeline and MegaFon; It catches up with three newly-born Tele2. Everyone has different rates, but there are plenty to choose.

First of all, when you buy the device pay attention to what types of communication they provide. So, 4G-communication - it is already quite widespread geographically format, and if you travel often or drive within the major cities, then this could be the best choice for you.

Next, pay attention to all sorts of tricks. For example, the most common tricks of the mobile operators:
Declared as a supposedly unlimited internet, after reaching a certain threshold of traffic speed is greatly reduced.Rates stated as unlimited internet throughout Russia. In fact, at the entrance to every region of Russia with you remove a certain amount once for the Internet.

Internet honestly described as a limited traffic. In fact, the achievement of traffic limits the operator notifies you, but happy to automatically connect any additional traffic package for additional money.
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