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Hey Bros, a little about myself. I'm a early retired machinist (back problems, 3 surgeries). I left the job I'd had since 1981 about 5 yrs ago. Before that I'd worked at the local rice burner shop since I was 16 yrs old. I've been ridin since I was 12. Had a few small jap bikes and a few small Harleys including a Sprint or two. My first real street bike was a 76 Kawasaki KZ 400. I got a 71 Sportster in 78 and was hooked for life. My boss at the jap bike shop made me keep it hidden around back so it wouldn't distract potential customers. About a year after I went to work as a machinist and was making a halfway decent paycheck I bought a 80 ci FLHS new in 82. What I'd really wanted was an antique like a pan or a flathead and just couldn't wait to find one. I've still got the 80 and now it is sort of an antique 28 yrs later., I even got an antique tag for it a coupla years ago. I've still got the KZ 400 and the 71 Sporty and part of a 75 Sporty. I've got the FLH's primary apart for clutch parts and new chain and sprockets right now. I've got around 12 or 15 bikes right now that are mostly basket cases. This includes a 46 Indian Chief and a early 60's Norton Atlas. The Norton may actually be rarer than the Indian since it wasn't Nortons export model. At least I've seen more Chiefs than Atlases. In fact it's the only Atlas I've ever seen cept in pictures. I've seen a few Commandos though. I had a 60's Bonneville in a rigid frame that got away with my 3rd ex wife since we got it while together. The bitch turned around and sold it to somebody else for 300 bucks. I'd offered her more than that. I hope that fuckin bitch gets the herpes on her face! Thats the only bike I ever lost to an ex and there's been 4 of em to date. Ex's that is. There probably wont be any more either unless they just won the lottery or were already rich. I've still got a bunch of small and mid size rice burners including a early 70's CL or CB 450 and a 75 XL 250 Honda. I've got a coupla Italian 4 stroke singles from the 60's. A 125 cc Sears and Roebuck and a 175 or 250 cc Montgomery Ward. I've got a 50's or 60's Cushman Eagle with the foot clutch and a sidecar. I had 1951 and 1952 Chevy pickup trucks that I recently gave to my friend Theron who told me about this site. Thx Bro. Still got a 68 GMC. At the moment the only bike runnin is a 74 BMW R 60/5 600 cc. (unless ya count the 2 bicycles I just put motors on) Man, I wouldn't been caught dead on sumthin like that BMW 25 yrs ago but it's kinda cool now that it's an antique like I'm startin to be. The BMW actually belongs to my brother who lives in Germany right now. He's got a 60's 500 and a 70's 750 Triumph over there and a 60's 250 Harley Sprint and a 70's 250 2 stroke Harley enduro over here with the BMW. My first experience with big Harleys was my best friend Robert's older brother Kenny's 56 Pan. This was in the early 70's and it was chopped 60's style. Real deal old school. Stock rigid frame with some rake added and a stock springer that was extended using old Ford A-Frame parts. Some of ya'll will know what I'm talkin about with the front end. It had real axed tanks painted like a Rebel flag with a lot of molding and paint on the frame to match. Candy apple red, blue and silver with the big metal flakes you rarely see anymore. Some of ya'll will know what real axed tanks are too. I'd give a hundred dollars for a picture of that bike right now. Kenny did all the mechanical, frame work and paint himself. He was an artist and I'll be posting photos of some tanks he painted over the years that I've managed to hang onto. Unfortunately my friend Robert was killed in a freak accident on his Pan in the mid 80's and since then I'd kinda lost touch with Kenny over the years. Cancer took Kenny last year and I'll always regret losing touch with him. (RIP Bros) Thats my buddy Rambo wearin the shades in my profile photo. He's a little to big to ride but I used to have another smaller bulldog named Torque that wore those same shades when he rode with me 25 yrs ago. I'll be posting some pics of that also. Well I've rambled on long enough here. I really like this site.
Ya'll take it easy, Willie


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