250cc twin bobber project
Created: 7 month(s) ago
its pretty complete in the way of parts & accessories, and really just needs someone that can weld the frame in a few spots and knows how to put a minimalist metric build together. the most difficult parts on this will be making some motor mounts which I can help you with, or at least give you the designs, the manifold is weird af and mounts in a horrible spot up top between the rocker boxes so you'll have to cut, rotate and re weld the flanges for a proper side mount.

heres the rundown...
the frame is from an 07 kikker 125cc kit and was cut and stretched to house the 250cc vwtin lifan motor that I pulled from the wrecked lifan bike at Bobs cycle in Phx. The big salvage metric yard, not the old Harley Bobs on University. the frame has no markings or numbers but the motor comes with the title of the donor bike and yes I fucked up and didn't save the neck and frame numbers but most third party title agencies can make shit happen way easier than the DMV ever will.

theres a faux oil can to house the electric which is all there with the exception of a regulator/rectifier which is an easy ebay find for around $20. the lifan is and exact copy of the virago so parts are never scarce. I'll provide the wiring for the main harness, and the remainder of the parts to the motor are the mannifold and carb plus air filter and cover and the factory lifan pipes to repurpose into something cool. theres a set of frisco mids I made for it that hook up to a 15" spoke rear drum wheel with the brake cable intact and axle but will need spacers made. font wheel is an 18" spoke with a disc setup, rotor, caliper, cable, master and hand lever w perch. the front end is basically half of the springer from the kikker kit, its the rear legs of a little inline springer so its a very simple rigid dom tubing forks in a set of billet trees. theres a Harley Rapido gas tank, and both font and rear chrome fenders. as far as barsgo you can pick something from the pile when youre there and same for the seat. Ive got a handful of cstom made solo and cobra pans all set up, padded and with patterns cut ready to be stitched I just don't sew. headlight is a 4.5" bucket and bezel and tail light is a bullet, and a 7" led light bar is included as well. theres a small sportster cafe fairing inlcuded too and a few other odds and ends like grips, mirror etc. I have.

this is a really cool bike as far as looks and practicality for a commuting college student or a first bike or a fourth bike because its gonna be a fun little ripper when its complete. unfortunate for the life of the bike in my world it has very little to no priority to be built, I have my hands full as it is without keeping what was going to be for my ex gf and she didn't want it anymore when we ran our course.



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