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Bastille is « of Bad Blood»

The only thing that has the original in this group, so this name: front man Dan Smith's awesome new songs 2017 was born July 14, Bastille Day. As for the rest, in «Bad Blood» debut album's awesome new songs 2017 is really all bad. British music community found a fresh idol and it is unclear what he was hooked on them - or his sweet voice, or his "standing" hair like Simon Taylor-Davis of the Klaxons.

21 in Britain - single «Flaws», 2nd place - single «Pompeii». And that, perhaps, the only two things on «Bad Blood», which can be listened to without the folding jaw from yawning. This album sounds way. Gray, completely forgettable, even as background music.

Inviting girls and disturbing vocals, which is cleaned and stretched zvukachami of the Virgin. The hackneyed motifs, battered techniques impact on the listener. Here everything is so trite that looks pathetic. I want to hug and cry, understand and forgive.

Times this music just passed, and Dan Smith thought that the time to drop in on the ladder departing train. We must face the truth - it is a project of a young musician who only dabbles with the technical wealth that fell into his hands. Maybe the second time he was lucky more.

Rating: 3/10

Playlist: «Flaws», «Pompeii».

Kate the Nash « Girl Talk,»

Previously, among admirers of Kate Nash were the girls like now to say, with a thin mental organization and a rich inner world. Now, to the music of this red-haired imp can join and strong feminist-oriented sound heavier.

«Girl Talk» - is, oddly enough, the album of the same scenario, which we discussed two records ago. Only now are not as groomed indie or dance retro and raw, unbridled, roaring (in her standards, of course) punk. Such abrupt changes of circumstances look interesting.

The main tools are taken bass. Most awesome new songs 2017 Nash breaks it into pieces and smothers the listener echoing strings. Voice - a hurricane, sometimes screaming at random and is replaced with gentle nightingale trills times «Made of Bricks».

And this creative zeal entirely justified. As part of a genre not usidish. Only trouble is - Ms. Nash matured in the punk diva well, just does not pull. And her new image in black leather jackets, torn tights, with a pale face, shaggy head and thick dark-painted eyes causes breeze independence. It is rather like a desperate cry of a wounded soul.

On the «Girl Talk» 15 tracks. And it must be said, a little tiring. It's nice sounds lead single "3 AM", a strong hook hit «Death Proof» and «Sister». If you listen to these three tracks, then consider you to listen to the whole album Kate Nash. A string of awesome new songs 2017, designed in the same style palette. And it does not commendable.

Rating: 6/10

Playlist: «3 AM», «Death Proof», « Sister».

Shout Out Loud « Optica»

Quite suddenly from a cold and indifferent Sweden came sweet spring greeting card in the form of the fourth studiynika indie-pop team Shout Out Louds. It should be noted that «Optica» - the most solid and the bulk of their work in the service record.

The albums «Work» and «Our Ill Wills» everything was in place, but it sounded like something presnovato and secondary. While it was difficult to distinguish them from the suddenly surging wave indie. Now obviously feel the progress.

Came to the rescue successfully delivered Electronics mixed with dance and post-punk figures. Shout Oud Louds now not only play music that envelops the pleasant melancholy that I want to sink and drown. Now, under their composition can be easily jerk the bones for any indie party and no bad words can say.

However, and «Optica» has its own problems. Home, perhaps, is that it takes three or four tracks to melt the musical "furnace" group. Only then it begins to emerge some definite picture, and is directly in conjunction «Where You Come In» - «Hermilia» - «Chasing The Sinking Sun» the plate is operating at full power.

This, of course, good, but why it was impossible to do from the start?
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