2011 Sportster 1200 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
Created: 6 month(s) ago
- $ 6,000

NOTE: All descriptions below are written by the owner. Majority of modifications were done professionally accept for small things like controls, shocks etc. Wiring and E.F.I. tuning was done by “Steel Knuckles Customs,” at the Ft. Lauderdale location. I will provide information for the mechanic that did the wiring for continuity incase further modifications are desired and for maintenance purposes.

Bike: Year, Make & Model:
• 2011, Harley Davidson, Sportster Nightster

Engine, E.F.I (Fuel Injection), Clutch and Drive Train:
• 1200 CC displacement
• ThunderMax E.F.I. Unit, with wide band 02 sensors and auto tune feature
• Screaming Eagle clutch plates
• ZippersPerformance chain conversion, with modified front to rear sprocket tooth ratio

Note: the fuel injection has an auto tuning capability that can also be modified on your computer if you so desire. The entire fuel injection system can be controlled using your laptop, you do not need to go to a shop. Other than a modified fuel injection (EFI) the bikes’ engine was left unmodified for reliability reasons (no cams, no bore kit). It does however have a modified drive train, with a larger rear sprocket for greater performance in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear. This makes the bike extremely quick off the line. She will jump in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Additionally, she has a Screaming Eagle performance clutch. Screaming eagle clutch gives enhanced durability and a quicker pickup in comparison with stock.

Air Intake & Exhaust
• S&S Super Air Intake
• RSD Slant Exhaust W modified baffle

Note: the RSD baffle is modified. The baffle packing was removed; this allows for louder exhaust. The bike is not excessively loud. The modification was made because, in my opinion, the RSD slant is rather quiet.

• Motogadget M-Unit (digital)
• Motogadget front controls (digital)

Note: The standard electrical was replaced with Motogadget M-unit. The M-unit is a digital wiring harness; this allows for multiple signals to me sent over a singe wire. By sending multiple signals over a single wire you eliminate a huge amount of wiring clutter. This is not to say that the factory wiring harness is completely absent, only those wires relating to the electrical components outside of the engine have been changed. All wiring that relates to the E.F.I. (electronic fuel injection) remains stock. I chose to leave that beast alone for the sake of reliability and so that I could use the Thunder Max Fuel Injection System.

Breaking & Oil:
• Tokiko 4 Piston Rear Break
• Custom Rear Break Caliper Mount, With Potential To Add An Extra Caliper
• Reusable Aluminum Oil Filter (the bike takes Screaming Eagle SYN3 20-W50)
Note: She takes Screaming Eagle SYN3 20-W50 oil and has a reusable aluminum oil filter. This bike has a larger diameter rear break disc with a four piston caliper. SHE STOPS ON A DIME! Even without front breaks this bike stops faster than a typical sportster. The geometry of the sportster frame has the rider sitting back on the rear tire as is, this means your weight resides on the back wheel predominantly. By putting the majority of the breaking power in the rear, coupled with the inherent geometry and weight distribution of the bike she is capable of stopping extremely quickly. Do not fret about losing the front break. Also, if you have been riding for a minute you know that in an emergency situation the front break is typically what will cause you to down a bike. With a strong rear break, you are probably safer in certain situations, with the possibility of a high side eliminated (I will probably get shit for this statement).

Front suspension and triple tree:
• Progressive Fork Springs with Gas Mono Tube
• Speed Merchant Triple Tree

Note: the front suspension is vastly improved over stock with the Progressive spring upgrade & gas rebound damping. THE BIKE CAN TAKE A LARGE DIAMETER FRONT TIRE. If you desire you can fit a fat front tire, the front triple tree is wider than stock and has greater rigidity.

Rear Suspension & Seat:
• OHLiNS Rear Suspension
• Mother Road Customs Gel Seat

Note: The bike sits two inches over stock in the rear (with stock height in front). If you prefer to change the suspension height in the rear, you have two options. First, the shocks themselves can be heightened by a small margin, otherwise you can send them into Ohlins and they will change the piston height free of charge (they will do this once for free and I have never taken advantage of the offer). Additionally, the rebound and spring tension can be full adjusted. This capability comes in handy if you want to have a passenger in the rear, just hop off turn the spring tension and roll on. YES, THIS BIKE CAN TAKE A PASSENGER FOR SHORT DISTANCES, she has the pegs to do it. The seat has a gel component; it is deceptively comfortable to ride without all the extra bulk of typical seats.

Other Miscellaneous Mods:

-RSD Mid Controls (contrast cut)
-Aluminum Gas Tank
-Aluminum Risers and Bars



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