1970 Norton Commando.
Created: 4 week(s) ago
Selling for a friend one of his collection. Currently the bike is here in Portland Oregon area, But its got a out of state title and registration. (Title is clear).

I will confirm more details tomorrow, But my understanding is it came from a collection/estate he bought years ago. It was mildly modified by the previous owner and he has not changed anything other than a few short rides. It starts, runs, and goes thru all the gears, but has been in storage for last few years. * I will verify when last ran, but it is a runner.
As well what extra parts might be included,

Its a 1970 Commando, Currently as a roadster, but *MIGHT* Be a S model, It has the unique small headlight with the metal ring, but it might just be something added on. Currently has a roadster tank and side covers in Green metal flake. Some people dont care for green bikes, but it looks nice and similar to the old cycle world & BIKE! test machine if you saw the feature article.
The one negative is tank and side covers ARE in fiberglass. I forgot to look if there is a tank liner (Will check) but no leaks,squishy spots or bubbles. Finish is decent, but not show quality.

Front forks were updated to later Commando Disc brakes, a common mod. It currently has a 2-1-2 exhaust with twin peashooters out back. (If you want to swap, I have some decent/presentable used pipes in several styles). Its also fitted with a Single Mikuni round slide, because, well, its nice that it actually starts and runs! (Twin carbs only benefit at high RPMs, a single carb actually has a boost in torque down low).

*IF* you cant stand Mikuni carbs, I might be willing to trade you stock manifolds and Amal carbs. I have several sizes of Amals and can configure them to specs.(IE: 30-32mm) I also if you ask nicely have 2 stock Ham Can air cleaner assys. These are original amals, not premiers or Wassel copies. They have been professionally sonic cleaned and the parts to upgrade them are readily available for much less than the Premiers. In fact I will allow you to hand select the best carb pairs out of several I have. I personally LIKE the Mikuni setups.

I havent rode it yet, but to me it seems a very presentable rider,Upholstery looks decent, chrome 7 out of 10, and could easily be detailed and taken to the next level if desired. I can include factory workshop manuals, factory parts books and will supply a copy of the INOA Tech guide and one year membership in ONE/INOA with the sale.

Email me directly for more information, and pictures. I will try and get more details on the history and what work has been done, service history, etc. $4,000 O.N.O (Or Near Offer). Prefer to sell to a enthusiast who will give it a good home,.
* Possible delivery for a reasonable fee As far North as Canadian border (Ferndale-Bellingham) or As far south as Bay Area NorCal. In Sept, I could be possible talked into delivery to Idaho or Nevada.



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