1966 Freightliner, Parting out or package deal
Created: 4 week(s) ago
Trade for cool british bike parts! Located Near Eugene Oregon, But might move it up to near Portland soon.

1966 White-Freightliner (White trucks was eventually bought out)
This was a old fire water rig for a logging company. Was purchased 20 years ago for water reserve, fire fighting and dust control at our private cabin community. **WATER TANK IS NOT INCLUDED**

Convert it to a Tiny house platform? * Be being a vehicle, even if not currently registered you can bypass many code and zoning restrictions in many locations. Check for your local laws and rules.

Deck off the back is 18.5 feet, easily could mount a 20 foot shipping container or build a tiny home.

Runs & Drives! Motor is a NHT250 Cummins Diesel, starts right up. (No turbo) Has 10 speed transmission, rear differentials are beam type suspension not leaf springs.
Clear title, Recently was all new air lines installed and holds air for several days.

Buy it whole, Or parting out.
Motor $2700
Trans 700
rear diffs 500.
Cab, (aluminum) 500.
frame 500
or package deal on whole thing!

The bad?

Tires are okay for off road and gravel, Old and not safe for highway use. one rim/tire is a 22, the others are 20. I dont think there is a spare wheel for it. But if we do, its included.

Oil/grease plug blown out on pass side front, we just add gear oil frequently.

Starter solenoid sticks, Often fires up off switch, But 50% of the time you have to start off solenoid, easy to do, I can show you how.

Clutch sticks if it sits. wont go into neutral. If its driven no issues. Takes a bit of finesse to release it. (Roll down hill or pull with tractor)

I have a ton of photos, and details. Also video of cold start and video of engine.

Cash talks. In God we trust, all others pay cash. Or..possibly cool British bike stuff.



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