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NON-DOT approved vintage inspired novelty helmets
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New Gen2 Handlebars are here!

MATERIALS: Biltwell handlebars are precision crafted with 100% seamless 4130 chromoly. The wall thickness of our tubing is a burly .120".

SURFACE FINISH: Biltwell handlebars feature a brilliant triple-plated chrome finish, or super durable, black electro-plate. Triple chrome plating involves coating our polished chromoly tubing in three materials:

first layer: copper (fills in microscopic surface imperfections)
second layer: nickel (increases surface durability)
final layer: chrome (provides a rugged, easy-to-clean mirror finish)

TIG WELDING: All the joints on our multi-piece bar designs are precision cut, mitered and TIG welded by hand. We don’t polish the welds on Biltwell handlebars. Any TIG beads as good-looking as ours should be front and center for everyone to enjoy.

CUSTOM: Biltwell handlebars are now available smooth for custom applications, or with dimples to accomodate original equipment throttle, brake and clutch assemblies.

MSRP: (All bars) $109
seat brackets
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Updated 11 year(s) ago
The shape and curvature of our solo seat was hand hammered by Chris Collins. Functional, comfortable styling cues include a narrow profile, a short, supportive nose, gently sloping sides and a subtle rear kick to keep you from sliding off your ride. The pan is stamped from heavy gauge high-tensile steel and features ribs and indents for added rigidity and stiffness. The four threaded mounting bosses are TIG welded into position and the entire seat pan is powdercoated for beauty and weatherproofing.
The foam inside our upholstered solo seats is custom-molded, medium-density polyurethane padding—not a shapeless wedge of open-cell foam. What’s the difference? Ask your junk that question after a 150-mile ride. Our molded foam will hold its shape long after the cheap padding inside most solo seats has compressed into oblivion.

If you wish to customize your Biltwell solo seat, we offer the pan and molded foam separately.

Four Cover Styles are Available:
Tuck-and-roll white vinyl / Tuck-and-roll black vinyl
Diamond pleat white vinyl / Diamond pleat black vinyl

MSRP: (All vinyl covered Biltwell seats) $129

MSRP: (Black plated seat pan with molded high-density foam) $77
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These Struts were developed for Sportsters but could be used on any bike that will accept 10” eye to eye struts with 1/2” bores for shock bolts/studs. They are finished with a super durable black electroplate finish. Built from burly DOM tubing, sleeved and TIG welded for strength.

You can install these yourself with a crescent wrench in about five minutes if you stop in the middle of the job to get another beer. Make sure you have enough clearance between your tire and fender/tailight wire, etc. Some Sportster models may require a little clearancing on the back side of the lower boss to make room for the axle nut and washer.

Black, 10": $99
Pipe Kit
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Custom Chrome Part Number: 632735

WHAT’S HERE: Our Builder Exhaust Kit is exactly what its name implies: a selection of pre-fabbed tubing, header flanges and exhaust tips that puts the art of custom exhaust building in the hands of backyard fabricators. Each Builder Exhaust Kit includes the following:

Two 16-inch-long (350mm) straight sections
Two 3.5-inch radius (90mm) U-bends with straights
Two 5-inch radius 134mm) U-bends with straights
Two Evolution flanges
Two Shovelhead flanges
Two Ironhead flanges
Two fishtail tips

In other words, everything you need to build a set of pipes for one bike, with enough scraps left over to start on two more. If you’re clever—and assuming your stable of projects includes the right combination of Harley motors—you could build three sets of pipes for less than 300 dollars. All it would take is a visit to the local muffler shop for a couple more feet of 1-3/4-inch steel tubing.

WHAT’S MISSING: This kit doesn’t include mounting tabs. You can fabricate these out of flat stock, or buy some at any good industrial hardware store. Snap rings and exhaust flange collars for Evo’s and Shovelheads are not included. You can pick these up at any swap meet or local shop.

SURFACE FINISH: All raw tube sections are pre-polished to make chroming after joint finishing easier.

MSRP: $165
Pipe Tips
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Triumph guru and faithful Biltwell supporter Wes White had a great idea: make some stylish exhaust tips to dress up the look of standard 1-3/4” straight pipes. We agreed with Wes, and asked him to design a set. The velocity stack on an old Amal carb inspired Wes’s classic design. We were so inspired by Wes’s idea, we designed three tips of our own. All four Biltwell exhaust tip sets are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and press fit inside any 1-3/4-inch O.D. straight pipe perfectly. We recommend drilling and screwing the tip to the pipe to complete installation, but we leave this step to the discretion of the builder.

SURFACE FINISH: after CNC machining, each tip set is sandblasted to a dull neutral finish, then black or silver anodized for protection and appearance. After anodizing, we laser etch the Biltwell brand and model ID into each tip. This laser etching is hidden inside the exhaust pipe when the tips are installed.

MSRP: (pair) $55 (Silver or Black anodized finish)
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Solid, investment-cast and polished stainless steel with stainless clamp hardware. Super heavy duty and built to last. For 1" handlebars only.

MSRP: (Full polished, cast stainless steel) $100 / MSRP: (Black electroplate over cast, polished stainless steel) $100


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